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Workshops and group activities are a great way to engage with themes with the supportive connection of others. 


Upcoming workshops and groups are on hold due to safety concerns related to COVID-19.  If you are interested in upcoming offerings please let me know and I will keep you updated as things develop. 

Mindful Movement - Embodied Art


A full day or half-day of mindful movement and creative expression.   

The embodied self-awareness developed through mindful yoga practice facilitates emotion regulation, reduces stress, and promotes psychical and psychological health.


  • Yoga & Movement

The mindful movement of flowing yoga postures brings you into an awareness of your physical and emotional body.  You are invited to focus on the experience of breath and move into postures in a way that works for your body.   

  • Expressive Art-Making

Engage your senses and explore your creative self in expressive art-making.  Take time to play with colour, texture, and movement as you create an original piece of expressive art.  All supplies will be provided and your artwork is yours to take home after the workshop. 

  • Expressive/Reflective Practice

Exploring your physical boundaries with mindful movement and engaging with the creative series of choices involved in creating a piece of art are experience-rich activities.  Actively and compassionately engaging in reflective practice helps you consciously shape own personal growth and learning.


Mask-making: Inside/Outside

Multi-day group process exploring themes:

  • Presentation 

  • Identity 

  • Social roles

  • Distinction between what we show the world and our own experience of self

  • Construction

The process of mask making is a series of creative choices that constructs an expressive representation of some aspect of the self.  This multi-day experience involves constructing a unique shaped mask from cardboard, fibres, and paper mache. 


  • Reflection

Discussion and reflection inform the process of designing, colouring and embellishing the mask, inside and out.    

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