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Psychotherapy & Art Therapy

Dysregulation can feel like anger, frustration, anxiety, and exhaustion.  When we are overwhelmed and dysregulated our reactions often come from a place of defense or survival.  Sometimes the strategies we have had to learn to cope with challenges do more to limit us than help us.  Sometimes popular strategies are a bad fit because we are not typical, or we are dealing with experiences outside the norm.

Discovering what works for you, a frame of reference to understand and orient yourself towards where you need to be, is the work we do in therapy.  We help people understand where they are and work through what is happening so they can make informed choices about how to invest themselves. 


Do you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, stuck, or out of control?  Are you struggling to keep things together or break out of old patterns?  Have you realized that something needs to change?

This can be an uncomfortable process, but it is so worthwhile.


Creative & Expressive Art Therapies 


When words fall short, there are other ways to express the truth of what is happening for you.  Art-making serves as a tool to externalize, contain, and develop a different relationship with challenging or overwhelming experiences.

Create something, see what happens...




Trauma and traumatic stress make it difficult to see the opportunity to make choices.  When your experience centres around survival you might feel exhausted, dissociated, emotionally reactive, and/or dysregulated.  These experiences can change.


Mindfulness & Mindful Self-Compassion


Mindfulness is attending to the present moment without being carried away by judgements, narratives, or habitual ways of reacting.  Kindness and compassion require strong boundaries and conscious reflection.  A mindful practice that suits you can help you build the skills to direct your attention and treat yourself and others with compassion.


Client-Centered  -  Intersectional  -  Inclusive


Humans are weird, wonderful, and very diverse.  You have unique strengths and resources that can be brought to bear on your challenges.  We aim to meet you where you are and work together to move towards your goals.  We offer a supportive space for queer, LGBTQIA+, trans, non-binary, and neurodiverse folks.


Experiential, Somatic, & Practical


Chronic dysregulation, stress, and pain - psychological or physical - takes a toll.   

The dynamic connection between our physical experiences (the body) and our psychological experiences (the mind) is why doing is so important.  Developing an informed and compassionate relationship with your own body enables you to care for yourself on multiple levels.

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