Mindfulness Meditation

at the George

Fundraiser for

St. George's Heritage Church



Saturdays 10-11 am from September 26 to November 14 (8 weeks)


Why Mindful Meditation?

  • Improve focus and concentration - clear your mind

  • Manage physical & mental stress

  • Develop Self-compassion and manage difficult emotions



Pay what you can with proceeds going towards the upkeep of the beautiful St. George's Heritage Church.

What should you bring?

  • Masks while COVID-19 precautions require it.

  • Cushion, pillow, or blanket to sit comfortably.

  • You might want to bring water, tissues, or a sweater if it's chilly. 

If you have any questions about mindfulness, meditation, or what this practice can be for you please get in touch - emma.chafe@gmail.com.




Week 1  -   Introduction: Focus, Practice, & Non-Judgemental Awareness

Week 2  -  Working in Your Window: How do you know how you feel?

Week 3  -  Grounding & Safety: Coming back to the present moment

Week 4  -  Compassion & Self-Compassion

Week 5  -  The Self-Critic: Working with difficult emotions

Week 6  -  Working with the Whole Body

Week 7  -  Expression & Mindful Art

Week 8  -  Integration & Continuation


Class Structure - 1 hour


5 minutes

10 minutes

10 to 15 minutes

5 to 10 minutes

10 to 20 minutes

10 minutes

Arrive and settle in

Silent Meditation


Walking or Mindful Movement

Meditation focused on the week's theme

Group Reflection