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Work Beyond Words

If you're feeling lost, exhausted, overwhelmed, trapped in a pattern that is limiting, or if you're dealing with an experience that you know, or are coming to realize, has been a trauma for you - there is a way to move forward.


We help people develop the insight and skills to act from choice rather than defense or habit.

Life can be uniquely challenging when you have experiences that are atypical, however that difference shows up.  The right support for your mental health is going to be just as unique.

We work with people to find a balance that enables them to show up and be present for what really matters.

60 Minutes - $160
prices include HST


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Emma Chafe MCAT
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24-hour Mental Health Crisis Line 


Domestic Violence Helpline NL


Sexual Assault Crisis Line NL

1 888 737 4668


1 888 709 7090


1 709 726 1411

We don't have the resources to offer crisis support.  If you are in crisis you can find support here:
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