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Setting Intention with Mindful Movement - Yoga & Expressive Art

Start your year off strong by getting in touch with your creative side!  The workshop starts with gentle yoga to bring awareness to the body and breath.  A brief guided meditation sets the stage to check in with yourself and create a unique artistic expression.  Through the process of artistic expression and reflection you create the opportunity to listen to your own intuitive inspirations.  This is an opportunity to get in touch with your core self and set your intention for the year. A heart opening vinyasa flow will leave you feeling relaxed, balanced, and ready to move forward into the new year.     


- 9:30 am -

Warm up with a gentle breath-focused practice.


- 10:00 am - 

Mindful drawing - Guided meditation, expressive artmaking, and invitations for reflection.


- 11:00 am -

Snack time! (Snacks provided, please let us know about any allergies or food restrictions)


- 11:30 am -

Embrace your intention with gentle vinyasa flow focused on grounding through balance and heart opening postures.

mindful drawing 2.jpg
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