Registered Massage Therapy

Recovery .  Relaxation . Resilience

Registered massage therapy is a hands-on health care intervention that uses physical manipulation to:


  • Reduce pain 

  • Improve functional movement 

  • Relax tense muscles

  • Improve circulation 




" Do I need a massage? "

Well, I am obviously biased, but yes, you would likely benefit from a massage.  We are always using our bodies, often in habitual ways that limit the bodies ability to adapt to new challenges and recover afterwards.  The activities of our lives - from working conditions to athletics to illness, injury, and stress - put different demands on different bodies.

Taking care of our physical health - stress and tension held in the body - is also important for mental well being.  Self-care involves developing a compassionate relationship with your body that balances rest and recovery with the demands of daily living.  Bodywork can help you develop the awareness to know when you need to rest and invest in recovery. 


As embodied beings, humans need to have contact with others.  Some degree of safe physical contact is necessary and regulating for us.  If you have experienced personal violence or other overwhelming or intrusive violations of your person, it may be difficult to tolerate touch.  If this is the case for you and bodywork is something that you would like to explore, please take steps to take care of yourself during the process.  Get in touch if you have questions about bodywork after overwhelming or uncomfortable experiences, or bring it up as you feel comfortable in treatment.

Massage therapy is a beneficial intervention for people dealing with:


  • Muscle tension, stiffness, and pain. 

  • Pain related to movement limitations or gait problems.

  • Neck and shoulder pain from injury, posture, or overwork.

  • Recovery from injuries, accidents, and major medical procedures. 

  • Anxiety and depression.

  • Tension headaches and pain related to migraines.

  • Osteoarthritis and joint pain.

  • TMJ and jaw complaints (intraoral treatments).

  • Cancer and cancer treatment. 

  • Repetitive strain injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. 

  • Fibromyalgia and chronic pain.


What to expect...

Massage appointments start with some paperwork (just the first time), a brief health history to ensure that your treatment is focused and any health concerns are properly addressed.  We will have a talk about what your treatment is going to involve - please let me know what you want to focus on!  This is your time and we can plan a treatment that addresses your specific concerns.

After I address any questions you might have, I will step out to wash my hands and let you get ready.  For the treatment, you will be on the massage table between the two sheets provided.  Typically you would undress down to your underwear and we would undrape the area we are working on (eg/your back, your left leg).  Many massage techniques are most effective with skin-to-skin contact, however, you can and should only undress to the level you are comfortable with.  I will knock and wait for an answer before I come back in.

The treatment will cover the areas we discussed before you got on the table.  You can always change your mind about any part of the treatment, even if you already agreed to it.  If you find a spot that could use some extra work, or you would like to pay more attention to a certain area (feet and scalp massage are popular :).  You can also stop the treatment at any time. 


I will leave the room after the treatment while you get dressed.  There will be a glass of water for you.  Please take your time getting ready, sometimes you can feel a bit lightheaded after a massage.  Sometimes we will discuss or practice self-care options such as stretches, yoga practice, or hydrotherapy.  If you have questions before or after treatment please get in touch.  


Fees & Insurance

Many extended health care plans provide coverage for massage therapy.  If you have extended health care coverage, I can direct bill most health insurance companies on your behalf.  Please check with your insurance provider to see if you require a referral from a physician to access your insurance benefits.  If your company or plan doesn't allow direct billing I can provide you with a receipt to submit through the appropriate channels.


I accept cash, debit, e-transfer, and most major credit cards.  Prices include HST.

45 minute

therapeutic massage


60 minute

therapeutic massage


90 minute

therapeutic massage